Concert Calendar 2013 -2014

Thursday September 5th 2013

Joe D’Angelo

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Long time fixture and source inspiration for the Central Mass. music scene. We are honored to give the spotlight to this great artist and kick off our 5th season.

Thursday October 3rd 2013

Jonathon Byrd

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A bright new voice on the Americana scene.
“I thought I was listening to a young Doc Watson” – Jay Moulon, Southeast Performer Magazine

Thursday November 7th 2013

David Mallett

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“He harks back to the earnest ambitions and heartfelt melodies of Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, singing with the conviction that folk can still be heroic.”

– The New York Times

Thursday December 5th 2013

Rebecca Loebe

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This Berklee graduate is one of the new vanguard of the next generation of new voices and talents in the folk community today. A great voice, great songs and a fresh approach to the stage.

Thursday January 9th 2014

Duncan Phillips

& Kate MacLeod


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Duncan carries on the tradition of his father Utah Phillips and makes it his own. Joined by Kate McLeod they make sure the memory is long indeed.

Thursday March 6th 2014

The Nields

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For 20 years now this folk rock sister duo has excited audiences throughout New England and around the country . Favorites at The Old Vienna – it is a pleasure to welcome them to our intimate stage.

Thursday April 3rd 2014

Walter Crockett & The Wannabe Wabbits

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A Central MA legend returns to the stage. Think the Oxymorons, Zonkeraz, Walter & Valerie and more…. Expect a few friends to come along for the ride! A real pleasure to welcome Walter back to the spotlight!

Thursday May 1st 2014

The Kennedys

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“Byrdsy jangle, boy-girl harmonies…irresistible” -Rolling Stone

“Unabashed, hook-laden pop”

-Village Voice

“More hooks than Marilyn Monroe’s closet” -Chicago Sun-Times

Thursday May 15th 2014

Garnet Rogers

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He mixes the powerful and the gentle and demonstrates his mastery of both…
One of the major talents of our time…

– Boston Globe

Thursday June 5th 2014

Ron Carlson

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A fixture in the Central Massachusetts folk scene for over thirty years. Playing guitar, octave-mandolin, banjos and an occasional ukulele, his music includes influences from the British Isles, Ireland, and traditional American folk music. In his songs and tunes you’ll hear bits of such artists as Doc Watson, Andy Irvine, and other roots musicians from both sides of the pond.