2010-2011 Concert Calendar

Thursday September 9th 2010

Chuck and Mud


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Long time Central Mass. favorites start the season in a fantastic fashion!
Known for great music, good company and a sense of humor it is always a pleasure to spend the evening with them

Thursday October 7th 2010

Mark Erelli 


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“Erelli’s warm embrace of the human spirit and the human experience is uplifting to the ear and to the soul”

Thursday November 4th 2010

Tony Bird 


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“Brilliantly original songwriter Tony Bird… wonderfully fuses African and European folk styles into songs that are clever, fun, urgent.” — The Boston Globe

Thursday December 2nd 2010

Bob Franke


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“It’s his integrity. I always think of Bob as if Emerson and Thoreau had picked up acoustic guitars and gotten into songwriting. There’s touches of Mark Twain and Buddy Holly in there, too.”

Tom Paxton

Called a “master of introspective ballads”, award-winning acoustic songwriter Meg Hutchinson brings a poet’s sensibility to everyday scenes, painting a vivid picture of the way America lives today, giving us her most political and personal album to date – THE LIVING SIDE.

Thursday Feburary 3rd 2011

Michael Troy


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“This night’s for lovers of songs of substance and integrity, songs that matter. His distinctive granite edged voice, strong with a Massachusetts brogue, lends credence to the stories he sings… “

Thursday March 3rd 2011

Tom Bianchi 


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Tom always puts on a great show. One of the very few “Singer/Songwriter/Solo Bassists” in the country, Look for great songs, improv, humor and bass guitar skills like you’ve never seen … really check him out!

Thursday April 7th 2011

Les Sampou


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“Powerfully expressive, she invests many songs with the emotional honesty of Lucinda Williams, probing love in all of its complexity while belting the heck out of the music. She has a passionate, rockabilly-blues edge that lifts your spirits high, followed by ballads that dig into your soul like few artists can.”

Thursday May 5th 2011

Kerri Powers


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“what emerged from the music of this obviously intelligent and talented singer/songwriter was that this must have been exactly what was planned when the Americana genre was born.”

Thursday June 2nd 2011

Ron Carlson 

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A fixture in the Central Massachusetts folk scene for over thirty years. Playing guitar, octave-mandolin, banjos and an occasional ukulele, his music includes influences from the British Isles, Ireland, and traditional American folk music. In his songs and tunes you’ll hear bits of such artists as Doc Watson, Andy Irvine, and other roots musicians from both sides of the pond.